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Dry Cleaning

Drycleaning is a process of cleaning clothes with a fluid that contains little or no water. Environmentally safe, our constantly filtered drycleaning system actually prolongs the life of your garments. Drycleaning helps to remove those 'invisible stains', that if left untreated, will break down fibers. This causes irreversible damage to your clothing. All garments are checked for manufacturer's suggested care labels, fiber content and any visible stains that may require additional attention. We replace missing or broken buttons and attend to minor repairs at no additional cost. All items are then hand finished, by our quality pressers, for that professional look you expect.


Certain stains and materials call for wetcleaning. We follow the recommendation on the care labels for those garments and household items that require this process. Wetcleaning is similar to conventional washing, but with much less agitation and less wear on the fabrics. We use unique detergents that prevent dye bleeds, along with special conditioners for a 'like new' feel. Wetcleaning is performed if a label recommends washing, and drycleaning is not desirable or advisable.

Due to the variety of new fabrics and manufacturing techniques, it is always prudent to follow all care labels to ensure the prolonged life of your special purchases.

Same day service is available on request. If you bring it in by 10:00am, we can have it cleaned and pressed for you to pick up after 5:00pm. (Visit our location page for store hours.)


Suede boots have become very popular.  The downside is when they get dirty!  But don't worry...we can keep them clean and fresh for you.  Remember- never put your suede boots in a washer or dryer.  Bring them in and we'll take care of them.